Our extensive network of industry contacts enables us to introduce you to appropriate Australian partners to formulate, field test, analyse and manufacture your products.

Our services include:

  • Co-ordination and monitoring of local field trials to support the efficacy, safety and tissue residue profile of new veterinary chemicals in the Australian market
  • Quality assurance review and reporting
  • Facilitation and negotiation of relationships with analytical laboratories
  • Facilitation of relationships with formulation chemists
  • Facilitation of relationships with established licensed contract manufacturing facilities to meet your specific requirements

Redcap Solutions interacts closely with a number of select contract research organisations (CROs) and is able to arrange and monitor pen studies, field studies and clinical trials for most animal species.

Redcap Solutions Pty Ltd also provides an independent Quality Assurance review and reporting process for the auditing of Clinical Trials conducted in accordance with the VICH Guideline for Good Clinical Practice Studies for Veterinary Products. The independent Quality Assurance review process provides a high level of assurance to the regulatory authorities of the integrity of the data generated in the clinical trials conducted for the registration of veterinary medicines.